In-House AV Costing You 50% More?

Four Oil and Gas CEO’s gather on stage in Houston to share outlooks on the energy industry.

Event Planners! This is for you.

Did you know…when you work with the major hotels and other large venues to book your event space, catering, rooms, and event services, you don’t HAVE to use their in-house AV team (even though some choose to make it sound that way)? Did you also know, that in-house AV will cost you on average 25-50% MORE than it would by contacting some independent AV companies such as Balanced Mix Audio Visual in The Woodlands, TX? This is because they pay the venues a commission to allow them to operate as their in-house partner. These added costs are passed on to you and your company, and they don’t need to be! We dare you to let us bid on your next event; you’ll be surprised what we can do to preserve event quality, while saving you money. With access to the latest and greatest rental AV equipment, and experienced crews, we pride ourselves in delivering flawless events that don’t break the bank. ~Your Team at Balanced Mix AV~

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